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Weekly Job Highlights - Sept 17, 2021

Welcome to Sombo's weekly job highlights. Here we highlight some of the most interesting jobs relating to sustainability, climate change, and clean energy. Jobs are hard to find - we're trying to help make it easier!

If you have a job that you would like to have featured on our weekly job highlights next week or in a future week send me a message!


Job: Sustainability Analyst

Company: Vrtta Green Solutions Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON

My Description: If you recently graduated from engineering, business, or science and are interested in GHG quantification and life cycle analysis this is a great job for you. Those who enjoy programming or coding will enjoy this role even more.

Level: Entry Level

Closing Date: Sept 24, 2021

Job: Analyst, Sustainability Disclosure

Company: West Fraser

Location: Vancouver, BC

My Description: Do you have a decent understanding of ESG disclosure frameworks? TCFD, GRI, and SASB are some of the leading players in this space that you may want to brush up on if you're interested in applying. Are you able to analyze trends that you find from reading reports and present the information to various stakeholders? If so - this might be the job for you.

Level: Entry Level

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Emissions Project Manager (Environment & Sustainability)

Company: TC Energy

Location: Calgary, AB

My Description: If you have experience in project management or coordination you have the right qualifications for this role. Passion or experience about emissions and emission regulations will give you a leg up on others.

Level: Mid-Level (Apply if you have 4+ years of experience)

Closing Date: Sept 26, 2021

Job: Climate and ESG Program Manager

Company: HP

Location: Various

My Description: If you have a few years of experience working on corporate sustainability this is a great option for you. GRI, CDP, SASB, and TCFD will fill your work days if you get this position. Make sure you enjoy writing and creating reports if you apply.

Level: Mid-Level (Apply if you have 1-2+ years of related experience)

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Regenerative Agriculture Junior Analyst

Company: Bluesource

Location: Calgary, AB

My Description: If you have a basic understanding of soil testing this could be your job. Those with a degree in environmental or agriculture science who want to get more experience related to GHG emissions should apply.

Level: Entry Level

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Indigenous Programs Coordinator

Company: The Gaia Project

Location: Hybrid

My Description: Are you interested in working with indigenous youth? If you have a good understanding of reconciliation, decolonization, and are an effective communicator think about applying.

Level: Entry Level

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Project Manager, Energy Storage Development

Company: Saturn Power

Location: Baden, ON

My Description: A renewable energy developer is a project manager/coordinator working on renewables. You'll have to be organized, a good communicator and prioritize numerous tasks at once.

Level: Mid Level (If you have 2-3 years of experience consider applying)

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Vice President, ESG and Sustainability

Company: Lincoln Strategic International

Location: Saskatchewan

My Description: If you're interested in becoming a people leader and have experience in ESG/Sustainability issues this is a great fit. The mining industry could use some more sustainability in it. 10 years isn't a big ask for a senior leader in a company. With the right qualifications and experience they may accept someone with 8-9 years as well.

Level: Mid - Senior Level

Closing Date: unknown

Job: Senior Manager, Energy & Sustainability

Company: CIBC

Location: Toronto, ON

My Description: If you're interested in green finance this could be the opportunity for you. An understanding of green energy sources, project management, and building energy efficiency would be useful when applying.

Level: Mid-Level (consider applying if you have 1-2 years of experience)

Closing Date: unknown

Thanks for taking a look, until next week. Stay Safe.

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