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Weekly Job Highlights - Sept 24, 2021

Welcome to Sombo's weekly job highlights. Here we highlight some of the most interesting jobs relating to sustainability, climate change, and clean energy. Jobs are hard to find - we're trying to help make it easier!

If you have a job that you would like to have featured on our weekly job highlights next week or in a future week send me a message!


Job: Various Positions

Company: Clir

Location: Various Globally

My Description: Clir develops software that helps maximize and monitor renewable energy generation assets. They have positions related to all aspects of their business. From marketing to data analysis. If you have skills and want to work for a company doing work on renewable energy asset management take a look!

Level: Various

Closing Date: Various

Job: Project Manager Climate Change & Sustainable Development

Company: City of Richmond Hill

Location: Richmond Hill, ON

My Description: This role involves helping the city of Richmond Hill decrease its emissions through the implementation of projects. If you have experience related to managing projects and emissions, efficiency, or planning this may be a good fit!

Level: Mid - Senior

Closing Date: Oct 8, 2021

Job: Performance Specialist, Renewable Assets - Let me know if you're keen on applying to this position. We can chat about what the job entails as I currently work closely with this position.

Company: Capital Power

Location: Edmonton, AB

My Description: If you have a business or engineering degree with 4+ years of experience in the operation of renewable energy assets this is a good fit. The role involves a good understanding of data analysis.

Level: Mid-Level

Closing Date: Sept 25, 2021

Job: Policy Analyst

Company: Metro Vancouver

Location: Burnaby, BC

My Description: If you have a solid foundation in researching, analyzing, and interpreting data this is the role for you. The work will be related to evaluating programs and policies relating to climate change broadly.

Level: Entry-Level

Closing Date: Unknown

Job: Project Manager (Hydrogen)

Company: Certarus Ltd.

Location: Calgary, AB

My Description: If you have 8+ years of experience in the energy sector as a project manager and are looking to work with hydrogen take a look.

Level: Senior

Closing Date: Unknown

Job: Policy Manager

Company: Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA)

Location: Ottawa, ON

My Description: What a cool organization to get experience with. If you're interested in working in renewable energy this could be for you. make sure to bring your communication skills and knowledge of energy policy in Canada.

Level: Entry Level - Low Level

Closing Date: Oct 22, 2021

Job: Program Manager, Energy and Sustainability Advocacy

Company: Google

Location: Various, US

My Description: If you have developed experience in communications and advocacy work this could be your chance to work in the tech sector.

Level: Senior

Closing Date: Unknown

Job: Power & Renewables Intelligence Associate

Company: Enverus

Location: Calgary, AB

My Description: If you have good interpersonal skills and can work with an interdisciplinary team this is a great fit. Make sure to have a good know-how of how to deal with large sets of data.

Level: Entry Level

Closing Date: Unknown


Opportunity: Shopify's Sustainability Fund

Company: Shopify

My Description: If you have an idea that removes or stores CO2 outside of the atmosphere you may be able to receive some funds to move your idea into a project!

Closing Date: Oct 12, 2021


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