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Who Are you? I mean who am I. Wait who's who?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

My names Austin. I'm Metis - a type of indigenous peoples in Canada. I'm an engineer. I'm 23, nope I'm 24 (my memory is starting to fail me in my old age). And I'm radically passionate about sustainability.

I think that carbon free energy is the coolest thing. But all other things sustainable like diversity, clean water, eliminating poverty are pretty cool too.

I honestly can't remember the first time I heard about climate change. I know when I was younger the thoughts of melting icebergs didn't fill my brain, but now, somedays they do. So somewhere in between 0 and 24 I decided that climate change, and sustainability would be my life's theme.

Hold on Austin What is a life's theme. Well its sort of like your purpose. For me, a life's theme helps guide every decision you ever make. My life theme gives me an overarching way to help me make decisions and guide me through tough times. When ever I need guidance I think, how does this fit in with my theme, does it make me closer to it? or does it push me further away.

Growing up my parents did a lot from me. What I think is one of the most significant things that they did was instill an understanding for the value of volunteering and giving back to your community. From going to the food bank to volunteering at other events, I was shown the impact that you can have by spending a little bit of your time for others.

I ended up starting a degree in Mechanical Engineering without much though as to why. As a lost 12th grader I was told "you're good at math and science - go be an engineer". I soon found out that university is very difficult if you don't have a reason as to why you're there. I guess it was sometime in my first few years of University that I found my theme and have stuck with it every since.

If one more person says go be an engineer because someone else says you're good at math and science imma lose it. That is not a good enough reason.

With this whole theme thing figured out, the ball starting moving fairly quickly. I now:

  • Have a masters degree in sustainable energy

  • Work with a company that owns and operates wind and solar energy generation facilities.

  • Volunteer with both local and national organizations that aim to provide sustainable livelihoods for Canadians of all types in all places.

  • Am on the Board of Directors for a registered Charity that aims to empower youth for a more inclusive, fair, prosperous, and sustainable future.

  • Work with organizations to help them install solar panels on their roofs for free!

Who are you?

You believe the earth is flat. just kidding, all of them can leave. Ok, how else can I get people to leave.

You are a person - actually how do we confirm that. Can I put in one of those check boxy things? What are they called?

. . .

After some research, I was unable to find a way to put in something to confirm that you are indeed a person. I will have to trust ya.

Hopefully you're interested in sustainability! All things green (literally my favourite color is green, but also green as in good for the environment). Maybe you're in high school, university/college, or have recently graduated and are curious as to how to get a job. You're curious about how climate change works, or you want to know what meaningful things you can do to make an impact against climate change. You have questions about how to get a job, and how to get a job related to sustainability and climate change. You're interested to learn more about indigenous peoples.

To recap, if any of the following apply, you should stick around. Read some more, maybe go watch some more too eventually.

  • Sustainability

  • Indigenous People in Clean Energy

  • Climate Change

  • Diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • Green Energy

  • Not Engineering - maybe sometimes

  • Getting a Job related to Sustainability

  • How to Volunteer

So if you're keen - that's rad. Come follow along. Welcome to SOMBO.

WAIT A SECOND. Austin what is a SOMBO, honestly what kind of name is that. I guess you'll have to wait until another time for us to talk about the name of the blog.


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